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Removable Pool Fences Are NOT All Created Equal.

Watch this mom's reaction after seeing her children test the strength of our competitor's pool fence in comparison to her unbreakable Protect-A-Child pool fence.

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Why are so many Atlanta area families choosing Protect-A-Child?

We have been installing Protect-A-Child pool fences for over 30 years, so we can attest to the quality product families receive when we install. This is also made clear to us when we see how happy parents and grandparents after we finish each project. Many homeowners are shocked at how their transparent and attractive pool fence is once installed. They also are impressed by how strong our pool fence posts are, as well as the additional safety features included for extra protection.

  • Strong, Durable Fiberglass Posts — Our unbreakable support posts are by far the strongest posts on the market. In addition to strength, our fiberglass posts are designed to be heat-resistant and non-conductive, and will never corrode from salt water, unlike aluminum posts.
  • Additional Layers of Safety — These patented feature upgrades include our point-lock secure latches for locking the fence pieces together, and our twist-lock option, which allows you to secure your support posts into the patio, preventing children from removing the fence.

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We've been able to help so many Georgia families secure their pools, so they can finally relax and enjoy their backyard place. One of the big advantages of our pool fence's durable design is it provides an attractive, transparent barrier.

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Customer Reviews

“Had a blast with the volleyball net on Sunday. The net is awesome! Much better than the cheaper nets made of string… The fence kept the volleyball in the pool area as well, so no more running after out of bounds hits. Thanks again, and with your help we are enjoying our pool even more this summer!”

– Bobbie F.

“I just wanted to thank you again for your work and the awesome pool fence. We love it!! It looks great!! The feeling of security is unspeakable. We sat in the backyard all afternoon while the kids played and we really got to enjoy the back yard for the first time today.”

– Stephanie B.

“Thank you for the excellent job you did with the fence. My grand children are here and it is being used multiple times a day. The fence gives us peace of mind and thanks for teaching me how to use the locking mechanisms. I appreciated your skill and also how neat you were. Thanks again.”

– Patti