Check out our gallery to see pictures of pool fences we’ve installed across the Southeast.

Secure pool fence in pavers with self-closing gate


Pool Fence in Pavers | “This clean design highlights the fence’s beautiful transparency.”


Multilevel Travertine Pool Deck | “Pool fence effectively traverses each level of the pool deck to enclose the pool.”

Hilton Head Island_Pool_Fence

Oceanview Pool | “The transparency of the pool fence doesn’t take anything away from the view.”

Paver install with self-closing gate | “This pool and patio is now protected and ready for relaxation.”

Brown flagstone installation with self-closing gate | “Protect-A-Child Pool Fencing perfectly frames and enhances this pool while protecting the children.”

Angular pool with large patio | “Plenty of patio space inside the fenced area to enjoy the pool.”

Curvy pool with spa | “Our 30 years of experience makes it easy to get the fence to stand straight and taut with all these curves.”

Challenging pool fence install with multiple curves and steps

Curved pool and spa with self-closing gate