Pet Fence

Same high quality materials used in our pool fence with custom heights available.

Pool Fence

Strong, attractive solution to prevent little ones from accessing the pool.

Volleyball Net

Fun add-on, proven to be much more durable than commercial volleyball nets.

Why Choose Protect-A-Child

The most attractive solution to safeguard your family around the pool.

The Protect-A-Child Pool Fence is a perfect choice for pool safety in the Atlanta and southeastern U.S. area. The fence materials can withstand the harsh outdoor conditions present in our area. From the hot humid summers to the occasional ice and snow in the winter, our fence holds up to it all.

Our pool fence has been field-tested and proven to be the safest pool fence in the industry for over 30 years. Manufactured in South Florida, our removable pool fence provides a safe and convenient solution for families to keep their children and pets safe around the water.

Our pool fence is easily removable by an adult to access the pool or to completely remove when you choose to open up the patio. To further prevent access to your pool, Protect-A-Child fences feature additional layers of patented protection.

Here are a few of the features your family will benefit from when choosing Protect-A-Child:


Unbreakable Fiberglass Fence Posts

Twist-Locking Secure Post Sleeves

Adjustable Fence Safety Latches

Impact-Absorbent Mesh & Borders

Self-Closing Pool Fence Gates

Multiple Stylish Color Options

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Installation Matters

We strive to make every backyard with a pool, safe and enjoyable for families with small children, grandchildren and pets. Each fence design and installation is done with perfection, attention to detail and accuracy. We run our business by “The Golden Rule”, we do for our customers, as we would want them to do for us.

Once the decision has been made to install a Protect-A- Child Pool Fence, we come to the house and layout the design according to our client’s wishes using precise marks to locate the spots to drill the holes for the fence posts. We then use a water-cooled core drill to get the correct angle for the fence posts. (No hammer drill). The cores are removed from the holes and polyvinyl sleeves are installed in the holes and the fence is erected. The Sure Safe latches are then installed and minor adjustments are made to the latches and gate. The entire process, with 2 working, takes about 3 – 4 hours depending on the job. Again, our experience in the aviation industry serves our clients well through attention to details. Each step of the installation process must be accurate. The result is always an end product in which we all can be proud.

We, at Protect-A- Child southeast, are unique in that we are parents and grandparents and have used this fence ourselves. We can analyze each pool and patio area to come up with an optimum design for each fence based on our own personal experience. We can discuss different options keeping in mind safety vs. cost vs. convenience.