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Project #01

Toddlers and Pets Can Enjoy the Pool and Patio Area

The homeowner had this beautiful, infinity edge pool, gazebo and patio built at their home. They could not enjoy the area with their family. Their 18-month-old son loved the water and their two small dogs also needed an extra layer of protection. We designed a fence to block access to the pool, raised spa, and […]

Project #02

The Pool in this New Home is No Longer a Dilemma

Amanda S. and her husband have 6 boys and were moving into this home with a beautiful pool and patio area. They needed a pool fence to protect their boys. They needed the strongest product available, but also needed it to be safe and aesthetically pleasing. They were also looking for a company with expertise […]

Project #03

Atlanta Parents Get Peace of Mind About 1 Year Old Around the Pool

Mia and her husband did not want a fence around their beautiful new pool. They were sure they could watch their one-year-old son on the patio. He was never out poolside without supervision. While out on the patio on a sunny day, Mia could not believe when she turned around that her son had fallen […]

Project #04

Pool Fence Reinstallation

When this family decided to move to a different home, they took their pool with them! After moving the pool with a crane, this family’s pool is looking as good as new at their new home. Their next challenge was reinstalling the pool fence they had around their pool. Since their pool is the same […]

Project #05

Unique Pool Fence Design Enclosing Pool and Spa

This pool presented a challenge when it came to the installation of this pool fence. Typical pool fence designs wrap around the pool and the spa without having to get too close to the pool’s edge. In this case, the gazebo backs up to the very edge of the spa creating no space for the […]